About Sample Orders

We request a minimum sample of free units of your product so that we can evaluate the demand from our customers before placing an initial purchase order. After your product sells, we may start issuing purchase orders.

Sending us a minimum sample of free units allows us to quickly get your product online and determine whether we can sell it.

Generally, we won't ask you to send more than £150 worth of stock. The exception for this is when one sellable unit of your product exceeds £150 (in which case we'll only ask you to send us one sellable unit). The upper limit on products currently sold through Vendor Express is £350 per sellable unit.

We'll use our robust ordering and forecasting system to test customer demand for your product. This process normally takes about four weeks from the time your product arrives at an Amazon fulfilment centre.

If you can't send us free sample units you should remove the products from your Vendor Express inventory.

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